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Casa Sanctum

Sarasota, FL

"Inspired by textures in nature, intuitive abstract paintings using sand, natural pigments and seawater."
I’ve always dreamed about painting with texture. I admire the irregularities, soft shapes and organic feel that it has. In nature, textured rocks, landscapes or any surface really is Imperfect. Me admiring that was one thing, but letting go of my “perfectionism” and creating imperfect piece of art wasn’t easy at all. It took me over a year to create it and another year until I decided to share it with the world. I didn’t want to just make any texture, I wanted it to be meaningful, tell a story. As you may know, I’m an architect and for a long time I’ve been obsessed with old architecture, mostly roman. Classics. I love how they built with real stone, sometimes shapes were so weird, irregular, but somehow they made it work and created a solid wall. This pattern of irregular stone is what I love the most. So this passion for textures and irregularities was always in the back of my head, I just never knew how to express it. Until one day I opened my notebook to write down some notes while I was on the phone I realized I was sketching these shapes every time I was on the call! Tons of pages, full of graphics! part of my mind that was trying to get the message through but I wasn’t even aware of it! I drew this subconsciously, while I was trying to keep up with life during pandemic- remember these crazy times? So anyways, I took these sketches, reworked a bit and decided I will give them a try.

So these are my subconsciousness paintings, raw, primal, imperfect as they could be.



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Made In USA

Natural Materials

Locally Sourced

Wescover creator since 2023

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